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What is ASQ:
The American Society for Quality (ASQ), formerly the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC), is a knowledge-based global community of quality professionals, with nearly 80,000 members dedicated to promoting and advancing quality tools, principles, and practices in their workplaces and communities.

Why is Quadra Plus Different?

Expert Trainers

QuadraPlus trainers are industry experts with hand on experience and practical knowledge, thus making them most sought-after trainers in UAE.

KHDA Approved

QuadraPlus is licensed under KHDA to provide professional and management training in Dubai and thus all our courses are approved by KHDA.

Free Replacment Classes

QuadraPlus assures candidates to repeat the course partly if any portion of the course is not clear to the candidates or he/she has missed the classes for any reasons.

Small Batches

QuadraPlus limit it batch size to 15 candidates per batch in order to assures a proper attention to individual candidates and a fruitful communication between trainer and the candidates.


  1. Introduction: course materials, practice questions and Bloom’s taxonomy
    1. Body of knowledge, preparation tips, suggestions for more effective test taking
  2. Organizational leadership, teams strategy development and deployment
    1. Leadership styles
    2. Teams and team building techniques
    3. Change management
  3. Strategic plan development and deployment
    1. Strategic planning models
    2. Business environment analysis
    3. Strategic plan deployment
    4. Organizational performance measurement
  4. Management elements and methods
    1. Principles of management
    2. Management theories, styles and tools
    3. Human resources management
    4. Financial management
    5. Risk management
    6. Communication skills and abilities
    7. Project management
    8. Project documentation
    9. Quality system
    10. ISO and other third party standards
    11. Other quality methodologies
    12. Quality philosophies
  5. Quality and process management tools
    1. The seven classic quality tools
    2. Mapping the process
    3. Analyzing the process
    4. Innovation and creativity tools
    5. Lean tools
    6. Theory of Constraints (TOC)
    7. Basic statistical use
    8. Statistical analysis
    9. Process capability
    10. Qualitative assessment
  6. Customer focused organizations
    1. Customer identification and segmentation
    2. Internal and external customers
    3. Customer needs and voice of the customer
    4. Customer satisfaction and loyalty
    5. Basic customer service principles
  7. Supply chain management
    1. Supplier selection and communications
    2. Supplier performance and improvement
    3. Supplier certification, partnership and alliances
  8. Training and development
    1. Training needs analysis and plans
    2. Training material design and delivery
    3. Training effectiveness and evaluation


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Review the body of knowledge in preparation for the 'ASQ' Certified Quality Engineer examination
• Master the effective use of the tools covered in the quantitative methods, reliability, and acceptance sampling sections of the body of knowledge
• Apply the components of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) to further focus their preparation efforts
• Explain, through discussions, the main concepts in each of the BOK elements
• Refine their thinking approach in preparation for the ‘constructed response’ section of the examination
• Practice mock exams

Who Should Attend This:
Quality engineers, manufacturing/process engineers, quality managers, quality improvement professionals, consultants, or anyone preparing to take the CQE exam should attend this training.

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