Project Management: A profession of knowledge or certification?
A project manager is not considered a viable employment prospect despite being a very sought after skill for many workplaces. But there is an underlying query to all this: are you interested in the degree or do you wish to truly develop this skill through Pmp training course Dubai?
A project management course like Pmp training course Dubai should be taken for knowledge of certification?
A project management degree is surely a very eye catching addition to your CV, however, managing real life projects is far from all the theoretical knowledge that you imbibe from all those textbooks. pmp training Dubai takes your knowledge beyond the usual project management.
If you are planning to go for this course, you should consider the following points and decide accordingly:
• Are you looking to something exceptional?
In that case, you will not get an adrenaline rush from being a project manager. A project manager can be found anywhere, from a multinational corporation to a private equity firm.
• Is it for the money?
It is true that project managers have lucrative salaries but don’t expect to be paid a five figure sum from your very first month. Advancements come with time and experience.
• You have a knack for managing things
If that’s the case then this is right up your alley. Not only will you have fun during your course but the knowledge will be applicable in all spheres of your life.
• You like to have flexibility in your career
Project managers work in a wide variety of industries and mostly have the liberty to choose it. If that’s what you wish to do, go for it by all means.
All things considered, the knowledge is more important than the degree. So if you just want the certification, you will miss out on a lot of fun. Join pmp training Dubai today to take your project management skills to the next level.